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Moving Check List


1)  Are your desks, cupboards, drawers emptied?
2)  Are your supply cabinets cleared?
3)  Are all wall items removed and labeled?
4)  Are breakable items properly packed?
5)  Are the equipment in your office disconnected?
6)  Have you backed up computer data on disks?
7)  Are your computer components properly disconnected and labeled?
8)  Are all liquids drained from your equipment?
9)  Are your desks and chairs labeled?
10)  Are the furniture not to be moved clearly marked?


Have you done the following before your actual move?

2 Weeks before the move

1)  Report change of address via neighborhood police post, and as their system is linked to all government bodies, your new address will be updated accordingly. In addition, you should notify your lawyer, doctor, magazine & newspaper distributor, bank & finance companies, credit & charge card companies, employer, friends, etc., about your change of address. Arrange with relevant authorities to cut-off utilities and telephone lines.
2)  Discard, sell or give away things you won’t want to keep
3)  Return all library books and borrowed items.
4)  Make arrangements for moving of your pets if any
5)  Start packing unused item as early as possible.

Days before the move

1)  Freezer and refrigerator has to be defrosted, cleaned and deodorized prior to the move.
2)  Drain garden hose, coil and collect ends. Tie or tape garden tools together.
3)  Use or get rid of perishable items.

Tips for packing

1)  Label all cartons with their basic contents and their designated rooms. Each carton has to be sealed securely with packing tape and be sure all items are well padded and fit snugly in the carton or container.
2)  Lampshades has to be packed in separate cartons.
3)  Wrap fragile items with recycled paper or air-bubble materials and label as 'FRAGILE'

Movable parts attached to appliances and stereos has to be secured properly or place these appliances into their original cartons.

Please label your connection points for your electrical appliances before dismantling for packing

1)  Small appliances should be well padded and packed snugly in cartons. The weight of each carton should not exceed 20kg.
2)  List out all your items for the move.
3)  Set aside essential items for easy access, eg. Medicine, clothing, infant food, pet-food, cheque books.

Things that you don't have to pack as the privilege clients of 138 Pte Ltd

  • All bulky Furnishings
  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Hi Fi
  • TV
  • Microwave oven
  • Paintings and picture frames - (which cannot fit into the boxes which we provide)
  • Computers (please pack and label wires on your own)